Start Times

The start times are assigned by the race director and posted on the entrants list.   Early starts are meant for slower runners needing more time, NOT for convenience in ending early.  Competitve runners MUST NOT take the early start. The early start is for 100-milers who may finish over 27 hours and 50 milers who may finish over 12 hours.

Showing up late

If you show up late for your start time, the clock is already ticking for you.  Hurry up and get running.

Changing start times

Do not show up on race day hoping to change your start time.  No changing of start times on race day is allowed.

Changing distances

Do not show up on race day hoping to change your race distance.  No changing of race distances on race day is allowed.

Sharing crews

Sharing crews with another runner is possible, however we have strict safety rules.  Runners sharing crews must stay together or within four miles of each other.  If that distance is exceeded, or if the crew driver is driving back and forth on the road to provide support to the seperated runners, the runner in front will be disqualified from the race.  Also, any runner who switches crews “on the fly” during the race without prior approval of the race staff will be disqualified from the race.

Crewing from moving vehicle

Absolutely NO crewing from a moving vehicle. Cars must be stopped to aid a runner. Cars/ATVs cannot drive along with the runner, they must leap-frog and wait. Cars may not be used as a constant light source during the night, driving behind a runner.

Pacing with bicycles

Pacing with bicycles is allowed. At night if bicycles are used, they must have a good light source and back red light (not flashing).


Muling is allowed. Pacers may carry items for their runners.

Crewing near Dugway Pass

No crewing allowed on the steeper hill to the east of Dugway Pass. The road is too narrow. Signs will mark the no-crewing zone. No crewing at the top of the Pass, proceed down from the pass to a safe location to crew.


100-mile entrants are not eligible to recieve medallions if they go 50-miles, nor will they be listed as 50-mile finishers.  They need to complete the entire 100-mile course to receive their finish time or prize.


Any deliberate littering on the course by runner or crew will result in disqualification.